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Mr. Naresh Chalotra

From President Greeting to all,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to this meeting. We are indeed pleased that so many eminent people in this field here as the members of this association.I wish to extend a warm welcome to fellow delegates. I realize that you are fully dedicated to the sessions that will follow. Given the current circumstances, and particularly with regard to the financial crisis, the issues of financial strength and accounting practices have moved into the focus of public attention. High quality accounting and reporting frameworks are essential in policy objectives. Our aim for today and tomorrow is to compare notes on recent accounting developments from a client perspective and in that way to learn from each other’s experiences. I am therefore delighted to see that once more there has been such a strong response to our invitation.

The Ludhiana Accountant Welfare Association Regd. (LAWA) is an Association, which exists to promote the welfare and professional development of its members and to represent members’ special interests and needs in our area. Because of its high suitability in the accountancy market, it is the organization with the grassroots contact with members.

Before 2007, some of accountant friends were meeting & discussing that we must have an association where we can discuss our Tax related problems.Under my personal opinion as a President, I feel that the purpose of LAWA is to bring together Accountants of Region who devote a substantial amount of their professional time to the Industry and Trade in order to:-

  1. Exchange information, ideas, techniques and day to day work experience.
  2. To be a better Accountant in the accounting sphere.
  3. Promote and maintain the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.
  4. Support and work for preservation and improvement of the adversary system.
  5. Improve the administration on accounting control and quality of work.
  6. Promote fellowship among its members.
  7. Industry and Trade can fulfill their requirement of Accountants through our website.
  8. Website shall be helpful to the members, Industry and Trade and other societies at large.
  9. Nation Building.

We have “TEN UNIVERSAL VALUES.” They are as follow: honesty, integrity, Faith, promise-keeping, fidelity, fairness, caring, respect for others, responsible citizenship, pursuit of excellence, and accountability.

My dear Friends! The accounting profession has never been so challenging and important. In a changing, demanding and complex world your role is critical in maintaining the credibility of this profession.In concluding, I would like to say that it is the universal truth that united we stand & divided we fall. I wish you gained some extra knowledge out of this very fruitful discussion and hope that you find your visit to the meeting worthwhile.

Thank you for your attention.
Naresh Chalotra